External Audit Services

External audit is a routine check of records and/or procedures performed by the certified auditors who are not the part of the company to be audited. It helps both the company and government to check accounting documents. An external audit can be conducted voluntarily or non-voluntarily by the outsider. The external audit is prepared to check the accuracy of statements and an organization’s financial standing. An external auditor is a professional, independent third party that performs an unbiased review of the financial records of a certain company. The auditor must evaluate the organization’s records, including payroll, purchasing records and accounting. He/she also looks at the financial investments and organizations loan structure to identify any irregularities.

External auditing is one of the services that our company provides and it is procedures and actions that our professional staff perform to express an opinion on the financial statements of our clients in accordance with international auditing standards.
In addition, the audit work is designed to provide advice to business owners and managers that will benefit them in making their decisions and achieving the goals of their company.
All audit work begins with understanding and assessing the nature of the company's business to be audited. Which helps us to make constructive suggestions to develop the company's business, strategic plans, information systems and internal control. And then applying auditing procedures that are in line with the requirements of local regulations, laws and international auditing standards.

Audit & Assurance Services